Photoshoot 3.6.16


I am by no means a professional photographer or cinematographer (you probably already guessed that from just looking at my stuff), but i do LOVE taking photos and making videos.

A lot.

I love the feeling of capability.



To be able to take out the perfect lens on any occasion and take a photo of something is so satisfying to me.

Capturing a moment is so beautiful.

I feel proud of the stuff i create, because one way or another, it’s an expression of me.


Now, i’ve been thinking about this feeling a lot lately. As much as i love it, i am also pretty terrified of taking photos sometimes.

I’m scared of what people might think of the photos i take.


I’m afraid to take my big camera out in public because i might look strange.

I feel awkward and rushed when taking a picture down a busy street or around my neighborhood.

I’m self conscious, nervous, hesitant…

What will people think of me?


The more i go over these thoughts, and even as i type this right now, i realize just how silly it is.

Who the heck cares what my neighbors think of me as i walk down the street taking pictures of beautiful autumn trees?


Who cares what the strangers in downtown LA think if they see me filming a style video?

I don’t want to care, but I do.

So the question is, why do i keep caring?



I keep caring because i’m letting myself care.

Social norms say that you don’t bring out a big bulky camera and take random pictures in Hollywood.

Social norms say you don’t get down on your stomach and position your camera to take pictures from a different angle.


Well you know what? Screw social norms.

The fact is, the only thing holding me back is me.

I want to take pictures and shoot videos differently, i want to think of things that no one has ever thought of.

I want to be creative, and no one’s judgments are going to stop me from doing that.


Art is supposed to make you feel something, to make you think, to make you look twice. If that’s so, then I want to give it my all.

Not shyly taking pictures when I feel like no one’s looking, but really putting myself out there.


I want to make art for me and others.

It makes me happy, and i hope it makes you happy too.


Well anyways, that was a fun venting session.

About these photos:

Thank you to my models Ariella and Eden for being so amazing 🙂

Photos shot on a Canon t3 with a 35mm lens.

All photos were taken in Venice, California.


Thanks for reading/looking 🙂



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